Albert Heijdens           french  

Albert Heijdens had his training as theatre maker and specialised in directing operas. The visual part always takes  a prominent part in his productions.(   In the plastic arts( painting and sculpture) he had lessons from several artists and since 1991 he occupies himself mainly in this field.

By the use of and experimenting with materials such as zinc, lead, tin, iron, brass, wax, lac and paper we can classify Albert as a material painter. The often unfinished borders of his paintings give the impression of infinity and accentuate the layers in his work. His inner urge to escape from the flat surface expresses itself in the relief kind of surface and images. He often uses musical notations, unreadable texts and spontaneously generated symbols. Stylized figures are also to be discovered.

Now he is clearly in search of more stillness and austerity in his work without losing his expressiveness. He is, in his own words, engaged in a white period.
A large part of the year he lives and works in the French Pyrenees.
The colours and shapes of the rock formations come back in his work, also his theatrical, musical and dance background.
Important starting points are also the influences of literature, poetry and the human development.

As he himself observes: “I see myself as accompanist of the creative process. The painting or object wants to create itself. The more open my mind, the more information comes in. I would like to be taken by unawares”.

portret Albert